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Luxury Wedding Photography Toronto

Wedding Photography Toronto

ShabyDhillon Photography is an Indian wedding photographer in Toronto.

I specialize in creative, timeless, candid wedding photography.

We are most known for our creative approach to composition, non-invasive style of capturing natural moments, flexibility in package customization, and top-notch customer service.

Luxury Wedding Photographer in Toronto

I strive to create natural candid photography, with attention to details, accompanied by cinematic storytelling for each wedding.

ShabyDhillon Photography is your Toronto Candid Wedding Photographer. I strive to create compelling images for Toronto brides and grooms.

Indian Wedding Photographer in Toronto

A Hindu wedding or Indian wedding ceremony is vibrant and colorful, involving many cultural traditions.

They include Jaimala, the exchange of garlands between brides and grooms as a sign of acceptance; Madhupak, the offer of honey and yogurt by the bride’s father to the groom as a sign of welcome and respect; and Kanyadan, when the bride’s father gives her away by placing her hand in the groom’s hand.

To showcase the many styles of Indian wedding photography, I created this gallery.

I offer a wide range of Indian wedding photography prices and packages to choose from. Let me know what you're looking for and I'll design a package tailored to your needs.

I provide unique, modern wedding photography.

I am focused on exceptional creativity, great service, high energy, long lasting quality, and a fast delivery timeframe

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