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5 Tips for Hiring Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Lets face the facts, a wedding is a big day. As a result, it is key to make sure that everything is as perfect as possible. Among one of the factors to be conscious of is hiring the right wedding photographer. With that being said here are 5 tips for hiring your perfect wedding photographer:

Tip 1: Determine your Ideal Photography Style

Photography, similarly to art, is unique in style. Before hiring a photographer, it is important to understand what style of photography would suit you and your requirements. Some of the most common styles include:

  • Black and White Wedding Photography

  • Traditional Wedding Photography

  • Illustrative Wedding Photography

  • Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

  • Natural Wedding Photography & Much More

If you aren't sure where to begin, platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram can both be good places to start. Since both of these social media platforms are very visual you can take the time to look at the different wedding collections to better understand what types of photos you would like for your wedding. Once you have determined the style of wedding photos you would like, the next step is to find a photographer that specializes in your preferred photography style.

Tip 2: Look at Online Portfolios and Past Work

Now that you have an idea of your preferred photography style the next step is to find the right photographer. The best way to approach this is by looking at online portfolios for photographers you are interested in working with. Take the time to look at their past galleries, collections and photoshoots and try to envision working with them. Narrow your list down to one-three photographer candidates before factoring in other decision making factors such as cost, availability, and service offerings. Following this, take the time to contact all of the potential photographer candidates and see which one you feel is the best fit for you. The key takeaway however, is always to take the time to browse the photographer's online portfolio (specifically for wedding photos). If a photographer's portfolio is not accessible to you, you can always contact them directly to ask for their previous work.

Tip 3: Take initiative

There is no doubt that weddings are huge events that require a lot of logistical planning. When it comes to hiring a wedding photographer, it is important to take initiative and book an appointment as soon as possible. More often than not, photographers have numerous bookings in advance and as a result, it is important to make sure you book a time of accommodation. As a result be sure to always book early as this gives you a guaranteed spot and also provides you with extra buffer time if something goes wrong.

Tip 4: Find a Photographer that provides easy communication

When looking for a wedding photographer, it is key that you can easily communicate your vision and ideas when necessary. At the end of the day, you have the vision, but the photographer is the one that paints the picture. With that being said, take the time to establish a means of communication with your photographer. Ways you can do this effectively include:

  • Preparing questions in advance

  • Meeting in person or over video call

  • Taking part in a pre-wedding photoshoot

Although this might seem like a tedious process, it is a great way to help you get accustomed to being in front of the camera during your wedding day. The more comfortable you are, the more natural your photos will turn out. Also taking the time to communicate to your photographer ahead of time ensures that both of you are on the same page and that there are no sudden problems or surprises that may impact the overall wedding day experience.

Tip 5: Think long-term

Lastly, the final tip for hiring a good wedding photographer is to always think from a long-term perspective. The reality is, even after your wedding day you may find yourself working with your chosen photographer for about your first two years of marriage as you embark on a life-changing journey with your significant other. With that being said, it is essential to think long-term and hire a photographer who delivers the best customer service to you. Some factors to be on the lookout for include:

  • Fast and professional email/phone call response time

  • Quick Photo turnaround time

  • Overall Contentment during the consulting phase

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