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How to get the Best Bride Getting Ready Photos

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! A wedding is no doubt one of, if not the most memorable events in your life. However, with that being said, it can always be a challenge for coping as a bride with getting ready to take photos. In this guide, we will cover exactly how to get the best bride getting ready photos.

The Process

When it comes to taking the bride getting ready photos, the entire process takes about 120 minutes; having said that, if you have a make-up artist, be sure that they have you ready about 90 minutes before you plan to leave the house. Here are some additional tips to consider:

  • Be sure to have all the accessories, Jewelry, Lehenga and other details ready at one place for the photographer to shoot when they arrive.

  • Keep a backless chair/stool for your getting ready pictures. Avoid chairs with back and arm-rests, as this is not optimal for shooting.

  • Consider a well-set dupatta that can make a massive difference for your photos.

  • Set at least 10 feet clearance in front of the backdrop for family pictures.

Bride Getting Ready Photo Tips

Now that you know the general process of getting ready wedding photos, let's go through some tips to make the process easier for you to get the best bride getting ready photos.

Tip #1 - Optimize Your Room

There is no doubt that with all of the people entering your room, including your family, make-up artists etc., things can get quite messy. This can impact the quality of photos you take for your getting ready shoot and make things difficult. As a result, try to advise people entering your room to keep their things organized to keep the room as optimal as possible for the shoot.

Another tip to keep in mind to capture the best getting ready shots is to choose a room that has large windows that allow natural light to seep through. The more natural light, the more options you give your photographer to capture some great shots.

Tip #2 - Act Naturally

Another tip to take into account is to act naturally during your shoot. Often, there are many nerves and worries, but the reality is getting ready shoots are meant to be enjoyable. So try your best to relax and act naturally to get the best photos possible.

Tip #3 - Bring Props

The final tip for optimizing your getting ready shoot experience is to utilize props. If you have anything you want to bring (confetti, champagne etc.), don't hesitate to bring it to enhance your shoot. As a photographer myself, I also encourage you to consider bringing the following props which will help you get some amazing shots:

  • Wooden Hanger

  • Bridal Satin Robe

  • Stool (No chair w/ back or armrests)

  • Step stool

  • Large Mirror

  • Tea lights

  • Led lights

  • Lamps

Are you looking for a Professional Wedding Photographer? Look no further!

As a dedicated wedding photographer, I am committed to capturing memories, one photo at a time. If you are planning a wedding shoot and are looking for a photographer, we have you covered. To book a time to get started, please contact us today, and I would be happy to assist.

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