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How to Pick an Eshoot Location

Are you planning an Eshoot but are unsure of what the best location for you is? In this guide, we will cover everything regarding how to pick an Eshoot location and some factors to consider. With that being said, let’s get started with first defining what an Eshoot is.

What is an Eshoot?

Quite simply, an engagement shoot (Eshoot) is a pre-wedding shoot that happens with a couple and wedding photographer where you choose a specific location that is sentimental to you and your partner to take intimate and memorable photos. An engagement shoot can happen anywhere, but most typically takes place in a meaningful location to you and your loved one. Whether that be the coffee shop you first met at, an outdoor park, or the restaurant you had your first date in, a good wedding photographer will be able to recreate the passion and love through professionally taken and sentimental photo-shooting. With that said, let us now take a look at a few factors to consider when picking the location for your Eshoot.

Picking a Location

When it comes to picking an Eshoot location, you want to consider a lot of factors. Among these factors include the following:

  • Sentimental Value

  • Relative Population

  • Public or Private Locations

  • Versatility of Location

Let’s go into each of these in more detail.

Sentimental Value

The first factor you want to consider when picking an Eshoot location is the sentimental value of the area. Eshoots are best when they are done in places that are meaningful to you and your partner. This can be the coffee shop you met at for the first time, a park that holds meaning in your life, or any location that shares a theme that shows what you guys love. As long as the place is meaningful to you, it doesn’t matter where it is. A good wedding photographer will be able to recreate the emotion regardless. The additional benefit of doing your Eshoot in a special place is that it allows you to feel comfortable during the session. More often than not, people can stress about participating in an Eshoot. As a result, be sure to pick a location that you are comfortable and familiar with, relax, and think of the Eshoot as another date with your partner.

Relative Population

The next factor you want to consider when picking an Eshoot location is the relative population of that area. You want to make sure that when you take your Eshoot, it is secluded for the most part and between you and your partner. Although it is not always possible to avoid crowded areas, you can take a few actions to mitigate the risk of large crowds that may hinder the overall Eshoot experience.

For one, try to do your Eshoot on any day from Monday-Thursday. These days are usually the best because there are typically fewer crowds than days such as Friday or the weekend where people tend to be more active.

Another tip to also be conscious of is the time to start your Eshoot. As an experienced photographer, I recommend that you start your shoot 2-3 hours before sunset for optimal crowd control and natural photos.

Public or Private Locations

Another factor to consider when selecting an Eshoot location is if it is private or public. Some areas may be privately owned, which means that they may carry restrictions on whether or not shoots can be taken. Always make sure to check if you can use the space before booking a Shoot with your photographer.

Versatility of Location

The final factor you should consider when selecting an Eshoot location is the versatility of the area you are interested in shooting in. Make sure that when you choose a place that there are multiple sceneries, you can photograph your shots in. This could include multiple environments, lightings, and open spaces. Not only can a versatile location make taking numerous high-quality photos easier for you, but it can also allow you to diversify your engagement shoot and capture unique and memorable photos.

Are you looking for an Engagement Shoot Photographer? Look no further!

As a dedicated wedding photographer, I am committed to capturing memories, one photo at a time. So if you are planning an engagement shoot and are looking for a photographer, we have you covered. To book a time to get started, please contact us today, and I would be happy to assist you personally.

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